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9V Battery for Dry Non-rechargeable & Rechargeable Manufacturers

What is the 9V battery?

Generally, according to IEC60086 rule, the 9V battery is meaning output voltage 6.3V-11.1V range. 

The 9V batteries, vai different materials, the discharge performance is slightly different, but all outline dimensions are almost similar.

It includes non-rechargeable 9V batteries such as carbon dry batteries (6F22), alkaline Zi-Mn batteries (6LR61), lithium thionyl chloride batteries (ER9V), and lithium manganese dioxide batteries (CR9V/CP9V). The ER9V/CR9V have the highest capacity (1200mAh).

Rechargeable 9V batteries include such as nickel-hydrogen batteries (Nimh 9V) and Lithium-ion batteries(Li-ion 9V). Its can be make different capacities from 180mAh to 600mAh. 

These 9V batteries can be used in smoke alarms, field infrared monitors, digital multimeters, wireless microphones, etc.

You can find all 9 V batteries via different material suppliers. But you Contact us, to get a favorable quotation for all 9v batteries.

What suppliers or brands are available?

The 9v battery is common goods.  Most brands provide these batteries. For example, Energizer, Duracell, GP, Panasonic, Double-deer, Chonghong, Pkcell, Nanfu, EEMB, HJBP, NX, 3-Cycle,…

These batteries are produced in the USA, China, Janpan, Indonesia, Malaysa, Vietam. The largest production is China.

The HJBP power provide OEM service,  support to print your logo & private label batteries. In addition to well-known trademarks, in a diverse world, you also deserve your unique brand.

What package are provided?

The 9V battery’s package, include shrink and blister. 

For different application and market, design industry & commercial package.

A commercial package with a nice look will be more expensive than an industrial package, but it is suitable for private households to buy in small quantities.

Industrial simple packaging is suitable for enterprises to purchase in large quantities and can reduce costs.

9v battery series manufacturers


  • 9V standard outline.
  • Rechargeable or Non-rechargeable
  • Wide capacity, 180-1200mAh
  • Room temperature operation


  • Nominal voltage: 9 V(Real voltage via battery solution)
  • Size: 16.9×26.0x48.8mm; 17.8×27.5×49.8mm
  • Capacity range: 140 mAh to 1200 mAh
  • Operating temperature: – 40°C to + 85°C, most -10 ~ +60° C
  • electrolyte ທີ່ບໍ່ຕິດໄຟ
  • Max pulse discharge rate up to 300mA


  • Compliant with IEC60086-4,  IEC62133, and UL1642.
  • ປະຕິບັດຕາມຄໍາສັ່ງຫມໍ້ໄຟເອີຣົບ RoHS ແລະ REACH
  • Compliant UN38.3 air & sea shipping, UN3090, UN3480, UN3496,  or UN3091, UN3481 for lithium battery and nimh battery

9V Battery Category

9V Battery for Non-rechargeable Suppliers

custom 9v paper card, blister plastic package carton, alkaline battery

ແບດເຕີຣີ້ມາດຕະຖານ 9v

Warlmark Supplier
Small MOQ 500
Custom capacity
LR9V, 6LR61

lr9v(6lr61) battery

Small MOQ 500
Custom capacity
Support private label
cr9v, 1200mah

CR9v primary battery

Small MOQ 500
LiMnO2 battery
er9v, 1200mah

ER9v lithium battery

Small MOQ 500
High voltage 10.8V
LiSOCl2 battery

9V battery for rechargeable manufacturing


9V 180mAh Ni-Mh battery

Variety capacity

A. 180mAh

B. 200mAh

C. 250mAh

9v nimh battery factory

MOQ 500
nimh 9v 300mah

NiMh 9V 300mAh battery

Special 9V charger

A. 250mAh

B. 280mAh

C. Private label

NiMh 9V battery supply

MOQ 500
USB-9V, 500mah

9V USB-TYPEC  adaptor charging battery

A. 500mAh

B. Type-C general charging

C. Protection function (0 v)

9v lithium battery

li-ion 9v 600mah for multiple-meter

9V Li-ion battery for variety capacity

A. 500mAh

B. 600mAh

C. Special charger

9v li-ion battery

ຫມາຍເຫດ: ກະລຸນາ ຕິດ​ຕໍ່​ພວກ​ເຮົາ ສໍາ​ລັບ​ຂໍ້​ມູນ​ລະ​ອຽດ​ໃຫມ່​ທີ່​ສຸດ​ແລະ​ປັບ​ປຸງ​ແກ້​ໄຂ​ຂອງ​ທ່ານ​.

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